Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande

( Our Human Body is a Mini Replica of the UNIVERSE is a constitution of 5 Elements  – as   Explained in Bhagwat Geeta )

Translated as the “Science of Architecture” Vastu Shastra is a Complex Traditional System to
Develop Positive Energies inside Our Homes and hence in our Lives.

About Dr. Rakesh Kejriwal

To bring this Positive Energy in your Lives, Dr. Rakesh Kejriwal is serving its Incredible Support to People. Specialized in VEDIC VASTU and Remedial Nakshtra Astrology from Shree Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology, he is also having a Post-Graduation Diploma, Masters in Vedic Vastu and Ph.D. in VEDIC VASTU (Special Section Pyramid).

After facing Numerous Life Problems from 2005 to 2013 Due to Bad Vastu, Dr.Kejriwal Decided to Serve the People with his Genuine and Greedless Services in this Field. Neither, he is serving people with a Business Mind, nor he is running a Charity.

In this, the Consultation is absolutely FREE. However, the Clients may have to Pay for the Remedies which are Crucial for Vastu Practices.

The Official Website itself is Capable to Help the People with Numerous Astrological Practices. The users are always Free to Find Various Types of Vastu Remedies, Rules, and Practices for Free from this Online Platform. For more Complex and Important Issues, People are Free to Consult with Dr. Rakesh  Kejriwal through Appropriate Mediums.

If we look Deeply at Mr. Kejriwal’s Professional Life, he is in the Share Market Domain for the last 21 years. Currently Active as a Authorised Person of SRE ( Sykes and Ray Equities(I) Ltd.) , He is Continuing his Vastu Practices Just to help the People From Numerous Personal and Professional Issues. Having a Strong Belief and a Good Qualification in Vedic Vastu and NAKSHTRA Astrology, he has helped Hundreds of People with his Excellent Knowledge in Vedic Vastu Shastra.

The Main Offerings

Dr. Rakes Kejriwal is running an propritory Firm Named “Vastu Samadhan” which is helping the People with Most of the Vedic Vastu Practices. Although, you are free to his Excellent Support for Remedial Nakshatra Jyotish  , Vastu Dosh Nivaran and many more.

You are Free to ask for any Type of Consultation Anytime from this Professional and Supportive Person. As an Expert in this Field, he is Capable to Understand all Your Vastu Issues. Most impressively, you will get Genuine Support to get Everything Solved Properly.

Whether it is your career, studies, home, or business, Vastu can help you with everything if you have a strong belief in it. Mr. Kejriwal will help you to Understand it in a Better way and Get the Most out of it.

Why Choose Us ?

With his Excellent Support, Dr. Rakesh Kejriwal is Capable to Satisfy all your Desired with his Amazing Consultation and Remedial Practices. Some Reasons to choose him for your help are as Follows.

  • Genuine and Free Consultation. Just Pay for the Remedial Processes
  • Free Vastu Tips on the Official Website ( vastu-samadhan.com )
  • Expert Vastu Support Residential and Commercial Vastu and Activate Plots for Constructions.
  • Scientific and logical Vastu Consultation
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Fully Certified and Qualified Professional to help you always

Mr. Kejriwal is having the Best Knowledge and Eexperience in Vedic Vastu. He is always ready to help the people with his Unmatched Offerings.

Most of the General Vedic Vastu Tips are Available on the official Website of “Vastu- Samadhan”. Besides this, it is easy to find the Contact Details here to Contact Mr. Kejriwal.

He will also Guide you through all the Vastu Remedies. To make your Works Easy and Effective, he is always ready to help you with  Complex  Issues  too .  Get  in  touch  with    Dr.Rakesh Kejriwal Today and get the Most Advanced Vastu Consultation Services for Free. As compared to any other Vastu Organization, the Services Available at Vastu Samadhan are Highly Impressive.  So, make your lives full of joy and prosperity by using it now.

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