The Proven Benefits Of A Domestic Pyramid Installation

Effective transmission of prayer to God.
Balancing of Seven Chakras of Man.
Distance Healing i.e Teletherapy (Spirit,Mind,Body)
Interpersonal harmony among related people.
Energizing of and Networking with other Pyramids
Meditation / Devotion to any God.
Awakening of Kundalini from 1st to 7th Chakra.
Relief & Release of Pain & Stress, Tension & fatigue.
Energizing of Animals and Plants.
Connecting to Higher Planes in the Cosmos.
Cleaning of Aura of Anyone/Anything.
Healing others ( Spirit,Mind,Body) .
Increasing Brain Power/ Sharpening of Memory.
Purifying Places & Objects (Structural Vaastu)
Energy Transformer, Supernatural Healer, Virtual Healer.