Principle Characteristic and Apllication of a Pyramid

Cosmic Energy Transformer
Supernatural Healer
Virtual Healer
Kundalini & Chakra Activator
Communicator to Higher Planets
Incinerator of Demerits/
For Meditation
Virtual Cave
Incubator of Merits/ Positivities
Ideal Structure to make a
Holy Shrine.

Special Features

Charger for
60 Billion Human
Body Cells-Energizes up to DNA Level.
One Time small cost, Life Long Benefits.
It Removes
Negative Radiations of Mobile, T.V., Computer and Other Gadgets.
Do it yourself Installation at any Place.
It is Sure-Shot
and Quick-fix vaastu Solution.
A Unique
Vaastu Correction Tool for Home, Shop, Office, Factory.
It Boosts
Merits and Busts Evil, so Effortlessely.

Important Uses


Car, Lorry, Tempo, Auto-Rickshaw, Scoter, Bicycle.


Office Bag, Travel Bag, Hand Bag, Purse, Pocket.


Mobiles, Computer, laptops, TV, Fridge, Washing machine, Water Filter.

Keep over the Files, Documents, Valuables, Artworks.

Keep Below the Pillow/ Bed.


Sofa, Chair, Table, Cupboard, Swing.

Keep in the Temple, Kitchen, Bed-Room, Living-Room, Toilet-Block.