Role and Importance of 8 Directions / Disha & Brahmasthan in Vedic Vastu Shahstra

Role and Importance of 8 Directions Vastu Directions / Disha – East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-west, South-east and Brahmasthan in Vedic Vastu Shahstra

About East Direction – Purva- पूर्व

  • This is the Most Energetic Corner between 6 am to 9 am.
  • It is an ideal place for a Meeting and Discussion Room and Demonstration Area.
  • A person should sit facing " East " to start a good day.
  • It is a good place for the ' Sleeping Room ' of an Unmarried Daughter.
  • There should be a Room that Requires Energy and Vitality, such as a Study Room or a Drawing Room.
  • Any type of Problems in this place can lead to health problems related to Digestion and Hunger, Diseases of Upper Body, Liver and Gall Bladder etc., and sometimes leads to Cancer of the Uterus.
  • Weakness of the " East " leads to Problems with Family Elders, Clashes with Mother - in - Law, Difficulties in Gaining Recognition and Fame, and causes Problems to the Eldest Son of the Family.

About Northeast Direction – Ishanya – ईशान

  • Ideal for Puja Ghar and Meditation Rooms.
  • This is the Most Energetic Corner from 3 am to 6 am.
  • Suitable for Balcony, Porche & Entry of the House.
  • In the office, it is a good place for Temple, Reception, Gold / Silver and Spiritual Items.
  • It is a perfect place for Underground Tanks, Swimming Pools and Fountains.
  • Administration Area and Small Car parking (e.g. Bicycle and Scooter parking) can be done here. Caution: They should not be on the line that Connects Two Opposite Corners i.e. " North-East " to " South-West ".
  • Avoid the Kitchen or the Tank placed above the Head.
  • According to Vastu it is not good to build Toilets in this Direction.
  • Do not keep Heavy Objects here and keep this place very Airy and Full of Light.

About North Direction – Uttar – उत्तर

  1. It is also a Suitable Place for the Treasury, Garden, Dining and  Entrance, Family  Room, Living  Room and  Married  Son’s Bedroom.
  2. Being  a  place  of  KUBERA, it offers you the Gift of Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance.
  3. It  is good to keep this area Light and Open. Therefore, it is  Suitable  for   Meeting   Rooms ,  Students’   Rooms  and Bedrooms for Elderly or Teenagers.
  4. In  the  office, it  is  the  most  suitable  Place  for  Accounts Department, Junior Staff, Typist, Payment Counter, Sales and Finance Department and Assembly Hall.
  5. This is a Good place for Car Parking in the Basement.
  6. There is Maximum Energy Between Midnight and 3 AM.
  7. Avoid Building Toilets and Kitchens in this area.
  8. Sitting in this area is very Beneficial for those who are involved  in  the  Highest   Mental  /  Spiritual   Activities  such  as  Educational Institutions, Priests, Scientists, Astrologers etc.
  9. Any problems in this area can cause Health Problems related to Blood, Eyes and Kidneys.
  10. Weakness of the ” North “ can lead to Problems of Money, Lack of Sex / Passion in life, Poverty and Difficulties in  Repaying Debt and Problems for Middle Son.

About Southeast Direction – Agneya – आग्नेय

  1. It is an Ideal Place for Kitchen and Fire Place, it is a Place of Fortune and Prosperity which includes Finance, Health, Knowledge, Beauty, Power and Fame.
  2. Suitable for Electrical Meters, Circuit Breakers, Boilers, Inverters and Generators
  3.  Avoid making an Underground Water Tank and Well in this Direction.
  4. Toilets can be built at this place, but its wall should not be connected with kitchen’s Wall.
  5. This corner has Maximum Energy between 9 to 12 in the morning.
  6. Here a ‘Sleeping Room’ can be made for Girls as the Fire Element Increases their Beauty, but if they are of a Highly Sensitive Nature, be Cautious.
  7. It is also the corner of Passion and Relationship; It is therefore an Ideal Destination for the PR Department and Telephone Operators in the Office.
  8. It is an ideal place for Canteen, Goldsmith Work, Beauty Parlour , Account Department , Electrical Equipment, Finished Goods and Guard Room.
  9. Weak ” South-East “ Direction can cause problems such as Inability to find a Good Partner, Lack of Passion, Lack of Interest in Sex, Anger Issues, Post – Marriage, Suicidal Tendencies and Trouble for the Eldest Daughter.

About South Direction – Dakshin – दक्षिण

  1. An Ideal Place for Staircase, Elevators, Food Items / Store House, and Heavy Items.
  2. This space in Offices is good for Owner and Personnel Department, Auditor and Legal Department, High Ranking Officer’s Cabin , Building Materials , Chemicals and Warehousing. This is a good place to allocate HEAVY Parking
  3. Avoid leaving this space Empty and do not use it at all for Basements.
  4. Maximum Energy Remains here Between 12 Noon to 3 PM.
  5. The high and closed ” South “ Direction is good for maintaining Positive Energy. Sitting back towards the ” South “ Direction gives Wisdom and Strength to stay away from Evils.
  6. Weak ” South ” Direction causes Inadequacy, Difficulty in Completing Work , Financial Losses , Legal Problems, Police inquiries and Troubles for Middle Daughter

About South-West Direction – Nairutya – नैऋत्य

  1. This Direction is Ideal Place to keep Master Bedrooms, Wardrobes, Dressing Rooms, Tanks above the Head, Stairs,and Shelves for Library and Books etc.
  2. It is a good place for the Office of Chairman’s Cabin, Managing Director, Senior Manager, Store House, Heavy Goods and Machines, Leather Works, and Raw Material Stores.
  3. Avoid keeping this place Light and Empty. This Place is not Good for Basement , Warehouse , Wells , Toilets and Servants’ Rooms.
  4. This Direction is maximum energetic between 3 pm to 6 pm.
  5. It is very useful as a Healing Room for people who overcome Fear and Phobia and work with Ancestral Energy.
  6. Weak “South-West “ direction can be the cause of Hindrance in Money Flow , Money Loss , Inability to Repay Debt , Instability in life and Problems for Woman in the house.

About West Direction – Paschim – पश्चिम

  1. It is an Ideal Place for a Dining Room, Study Room, Children’s Activities, Tank above the head, Family Room and TV Room.
  2. In Office this Place is Good for the Partner’s Office, Bathroom, Treasurer’s Cabin. This place is also Good for Department Head, General Manager, Store House and Exhibition Hall.
  3. It is a Good Place for Agricultural Products, Medicines and Pharmacy and Hardware Shops.
  4. This Direction has Maximum Energy Between 6 pm and 9 pm in the Evening.
  5. It is a very Suitable Place for Traders , Travel Agencies, Defense Personnel and People working in Communication System.
  6. Any Problem in this Location can cause Health Problems related to Male Organs, Chest and Breathing Problems.
  7. Weakness of the ” West “ direction can lead to Poverty, Depreciation of Money and Problems for the Youngest Daughter.

About North-West Direction – Vayavya – वायव्य

  1. It is an ideal place for a Living Room, Laundry Space, Septic Tank and Newlywed Couple’s Bedroom.
  2. This is the Second Best Option for the Kitchen, Pantry and Reception Area.
  3. In the office, this place is a good place for Marketing and Advertising Department , Distribution and Observation Department, Seating of Visitors, Storage of Small Things and Guard Room.
  4. Ideal location in Commercial Premises for Vehicle Showroom or Travel Agency
  5. This space is also an ideal location for Guest Rooms and Bedrooms for Girls of Marriageable Age.
  6. There is Maximum Energy Between 9 pm to Midnight in this Direction
  7. Any problem in this area can lead to Health Problems related to the LUNGS.
  8. The weakening of the ” North-West “ Direction can Lead to Legal and Debt Disputes, due to which the Court Cases take a long time and even then there is no solution. It causes Over – Confidence Problems , no help from known and unknown Friends, and also causes Problems for the Father.

About Brahmasthan – ब्रह्मस्थान – Center of the House – घर का मध्य

  1. This place is Allotted to the Brahma and is therefore direct related with the Brahmand. Therefore, it should be Either open or Free from any Obstructions and Constructions.
  2. Good Place for TULSI planting and for Decoration.
  3. In the office it is Very Suitable for R&D Department, Conference Room and Decoration.
  4. Avoid making Bathrooms and Toilets, Kitchens, Fire Areas, Heavy loads, Heavy Machinery, Beams or Pillars here.
  5. A weak Center can Cause Problems such as Self-Esteem, Fear, Lack of Confidence .