BASIC INFORMATION OF ALL Vastu Zones and their Impact and Effects

BASIC INFORMATION OF ALL Vastu Zones and their Impact and Effects – Bathroom & Toilet, Kitchen, Main Door, Master Bedroom, Children and study Room, Pillars and beam / Staircase, Drainage System / trees and plants, Furniture/ Photos/ Colors, Septic Tank / Over Head water tank/ Under Ground Water, Parents Room / Guest Room / Balcony /Dining Room in Vedic Vastu Shahstra

Vastu Tips for Main Door

1) Main door is like the ” MOUTH ” of the house and therefore it
should be opened only in the proper direction as shown in Vastu

2) There should be a Name Plate outside your house, as it is said
that it helps you to spot opportunities easily.

3) Always put a ‘Lamp’ or Bulb above the Main Door, it should never
be in the dark

4) The Center Line of the main entrance of the house should not
meet the Center line of the Length or Width of the house.

5) It is not good to have 3 or more Doors in the same Row from the
front of the House to the back.

6) All the Doors of the house should always open inside the house
and all the WIndows should be Facing out.

7) The Main door of the house should always be bigger than the
other doors and it should have Two Gates or Pallets.

8) The Entrance or Main Gate towards the ” East “ is considered
the Best so that the Rising Sun shines by bringing Positive Energy
and Prosperity.

9) The Door that opens in the Right Direction towards ” North “ brings
complete Physical Welfare.

10) Main door opening towards ” West “ causes the Head of the
House to Travel far always.

11) Doors, who Rub the Floor or Scratch the Floor while opening ,
bring Negativity and Unreserved Skin Diseases to the house.

12) Your door should always be in Rectangular Shape. Always
beware of Square or Semi-Circular Doors

13) The Number of Doors on each floor should be ‘ EVEN ‘, but
should not end in ZERO.

14) Never Sleep Keeping your Head in line with the Door, it causes
Health Problems.

15) If there is a Door behind you, do not sit there nor do anything
there, it leads you to face fraud behind your back.

16) Remember that no dirty and unorganized or smelly shoes
or slippers should be near the main door, it attracts negative
energy. Keep them away from the main door or in a closed

17) Keeping a Broom or Wipe behind the entrance of the house
causes a Clashes in the House.

8 Pad Front

Main Door

Vastu Tips for Pooja Ghar

1) Puja Ghar should be facing ” East “ or ” North-East “ Direction

2) Bathrooms / Toilets should not be around the Puja Ghar nor should they have a wall attached to it.

3) Idols should not be placed in front of each other

4) Puja Ghar should not be just Below the Stairs.

Vastu Tips for Store Room

1) ” South “ is considered as Best Direction for Storage in Home, Offices and Factories.

2) A Store Room can be built in the ” North-West “ Direction for the Observation of things.

3) Never sleep in a Store Room as it can lead to Serious Health Problems.

Vastu Tips for Living Room

1) The best place for Living Room is ” North “, ” North-East “, ” North-West ” and ” East “ Directions.

2) The Head of the Family should sit in living room facing ” East ” or ” North “ Direction so that everything can remain under his control.

3) Keep Square or Rectangular Furniture in the Living Room and avoid having Furniture of Round, Oval or any other shape.

4) Never hang a Chandelier in the center of the Living Room because it brings Tension and Misunderstanding.

5) The Living Room (especially its “North – East “, ” North ” or ” East “ Direction) is a good place to keep an ‘ Aquarium ‘ or a Small Fountain.

6) The appearance of beam in a Living Room causes Differences, Disputes and Disharmony between Family members or Quests.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

1) The ideal location for the Kitchen is the ” South-East “ corner. Apart from this, another option can be the ” North-West ” corner of the house.

2) The Cooking Gas or Stove should be placed in the ” South-East ” direction, but not in the corner. The Person who wants to cook, should only face East, not in the South direction.

3) The Cooking Stove should never be visible from outside the kitchen, and also not from the Main Door of the House. It kills Finances and Savings.

4) There should be a Door in the Kitchen and when there is no cooking, it should be closed.

5) The taps and sinks should be in the ” North-East “ direction of the Kitchen, but not on the same Platform that has a Stove or other series of Cooking as it creates Conflict in the House.

6) Refrigerator should be placed in the ” South-West “ direction and slightly away from the corner. If the refrigerator is kept in the kitchen, it should not be in the North-East direction at all.

7) Heaters, Conventional Ovens, Micro-Wave Ovens should be placed in the “South-East” or “South” side of the Kitchen, not in the ” North-East “ side.

8) Storage & upper Shelves for all Types of Grains and Utensils should always be on the “Southern” and ” Western” walls, not the Northern and Eastern walls.

9) All Water Sources like Kalash, Water Filter etc. can be kept in the “North-East “.

10) The Kitchen should never be below the Bathroom or Toilet nor it should be attached to the Bathroom or Toilet.

11) Puja Ghar should never be built above the Kitchen or Stove.

12) If there is a Dining Table in the Kitchen, it should be placed in the ” North-West ” or ” West direction ” .

13) If the Kitchen is in the ” North-East “ direction, it increases Mental Stress and can cause a lot of Damage and if the Kitchen is in the ” South-West “ Direction, then it Disrupts the Domestic Harmony.

14) If the Kitchen is in the ” North-West “ direction, it Increases Expences of the House.

15) If the Kitchen is in the ” South-West “ Direction, it causes a lot of Clashes Between Husband and Wife. 

16) If the Kitchen is in the West Direction, then it causes Difficulties in life

17) If the Kitchen is in the East Direction, it also makes the Woman of the House Dissatisfied with Happiness, there is no peace in her heart.

18) North of the Kitchen is the most Dangerous for Career and Finance. It is considered as the place of Kubera, so it can bring Unnecessary Expenses.

19) The Kitchen Door should never be in front of the Toilet Door, It brings Diseases.

20) Never keep Medicines in the Kitchen because it brings Negativity.

Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom

1) ” South West “ is the Best and only Direction for ‘Master Bedroom’ to achieve stability in life.

2) However, Master Bedroom in the ” South-West “ Direction is only for those couples who have established their Family and not for newly married couples.

3) All Master Bedrooms should be in the ” South-West “ direction and if two couples live in the same house, then the couple who controls the house most, their Bedroom should be above the other couple’s bedroom.

4) While sleeping,ensure that head of each person should be towards the ” South “

5) Avoid placing pictures or idols of Goddesses and Deities in the Sleeping Room.

6) For Peace and Prosperity the shape of the bed and Bedroom should be Round or Rectangular.

7) One Light should always be there in the Master Bedroom. Never light a Red Light. Green or Blue light would be better.

8) The Windows of the Master Bedroom should be fitted in such a way that the wind is affected from ” South ” to ” West “ direction.

9) The Beam should never pass over the bed, this can lead to Serious Health Problems.

10) Your Bed should not be in front of any Door, whether it is the Entrance to your room or the Toilet Door.

11) ” South-East “ direction of the Master Bedroom causes a lot of Debate Between the Husband and Wife.

12) The ” North-East “ direction of the Master Bedroom causes Mental Weakness.

13) The ” East “ side of the Master Bedroom leads to Debate, Poor Health and Unstable Behavior.

14) The ” North-West “direction of the Master Bedroom causes Unnecessary Travel and Clashes.

Vastu Tips for Children’s Room

1) The ” West “ Direction is Best Suited to make a Children’s Room. Apart from this, ” North-West “, ” North-East ” and ” South-East “ Directions can also be used for your children’s room. But completely escape from the ” South-West “ Direction.

2) Do not place Mirror in front of the bed.

3) Do not place Furniture by Wall in children’s room because it Prevents the Flow of Positive Energy

4) Avoid placing the TV or Computer right in front of the bed. When Television sets or Computer Monitors are turned off, they have a Reflection of Bed, which is a very bad factor.

5) Avoid Sharp Edges and Pegs in the children’s room.

6) The ‘ Center ‘ of the Children’s room should always be empty

7) At Night, keep a small bundle of Sea Salt / Rock Salt under your Baby’s Pillow so that he can avoid bad eyesight and the Negative forces moving around at night.

8) Children should have a separate Study Room or Room apart from the bed for Better Concentration.

9) Vastu does not allow ‘Bunk-Beds’ i.e. one to two beds on top of one, because the child who sleeps under such beds, gives rise to Stress and Burden in him and brings heaviness in his head.

Vastu Tips for Study Room

1) The Study Room should be Located in the ” East “ and a Person should study only by Facing towards ” East ” or ” North “ Direction.

2) The Study Table should be placed in the ” South ” or ” Western “ rooms.

3) Always keep a Yellow LED Bulb lit in the Children’s Room at all times

4) The Shape of the Study Table should be either Square or Rectangular.

Vastu Tips for Parents Room

1) Best Direction for all Bedrooms is the ” South-West “ Direction of the
house, but if it is not possible, then the Second Best Place for the
elderly bedroom is in the ” South ” or ” West “ Direction.

2) It is also appropriate to have bedroom of lonely Elderly Parents or
Grandparents in the ” North-East “ Direction.

Vastu Tips for Guest Room

1) The best place for a Guest Room is the ” North-West “, as it ensures a Pleasant, Peaceful and short Stay. Apart from this, “ South ” and” South-East “ Directions are also fine.

2) Never place the Guest in ” South-West “ Direction Bedroom, otherwise they will start Controlling you and your Life.

Vastu Tips for Balcony

1) The Best Direction to make a Balcony or Veranda is the ” North ” and ” East “ Directions of the House.

2) If you are keeping Swing in the Balcony, then ” East-West “ Direction is the Best for this i.e. the person sitting on the swing should face “ East ” or ” West “.

3) Balcony corners should not be Rounded.

4) In the balcony only Small Plants and Shrubs should be Planted in Small Pots

Vastu Tips for Dining Room

1) While Building Dining Room,use ” East “, ” West ” or ” South ” side of the house

2) It is Perfect for Rectangular or Square ‘Dining table’. Do not use Irregular Shape , Octagonal Shape , Oval or Round table.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

1) Bathroom should ideally be located in the ” East “ Direction.
Alternatively, it may be located in the ” North – West “.
Although it should never be in the ” North-East “

2) Toilets are allowed to be build only in the ” West “,
” South ” and ” South-East “ Direction, but should not be
in the ” North-East ” Corner

3) The Toilets should not be in any of the Four Corners or in
a row connecting the corners.

4) Toilet located in the middle of the house is considered
to be the ‘Maha Dosh’ of Vastu. It is not Acceptable at
all because it gives rise to Constant and Endless illness
in the Home.

5) Basins / sinks etc. should be placed on the ” North “, ” East “
or ” North-East “ wall of the Bathroom

6) Geyser should be placed in the ” South-East “ Corner

7) The Drainage should be in the ” North “ or “ East “ Direction

8) ” North-West “ is considered to be the proper Direction to
build Toilets, while the Attached Toilet in the Bathroom
should also be in this direction. Put Exhaust Fans there.

9) Toilets should never be Built in the Corner of ” North-East “
direction. This is a serious Architectural offense. This
causes excessive Health Problems, Accidents, Problems
for Children and also brings Unnecessary Stress.

10) Toilets in the ” South-West ” are not good because it
causes Financial Problems, Losses and Unnecessary

11 ) Toilets should never be built Under Stairs. Similarly, it is
also not good to have toilets in the Center of the Building

12 ) Toilets should never be built around or over the Puja Ghar
or Kitchen. Only one Toilet is allowed over a Toilet

Vastu Tips for Furniture

1) Furniture should be made of Square, Circle or Octagon pattern.

2) The furniture should be placed along the ” South ” and ” West “ walls.

3) Always keep the Furniture at a Distance of 3 Inches from the wall
so that Positive Energy can flow well without any trouble.

Vastu Tips for Colors

1) Light Colors are Good for Bedroom, such as Pink, Blue, Green, Gray and Lavender Shades. They keep the room quiet which leads to good sleep.

2) Some Fiery Colors such as Red or Orange should be used in the Kitchen. This may apply on pot or any other substance . Feather or Blue color is suitable for Walls and Floors.

3) Always use Light Colors which are soothing to the eyes and use bright colors only for Highlighter Walls and Children’s Rooms.

Vastu Tips for Photos

1) To encourage the positive aspect of Water (Primary Element), you can put a Painting of Water or Fountain on a long distance from the North wall of the dining room.

2) A Picture or Painting of the Rising Sun can be placed on the “East”

3) On the walls of the ” South ” and ” West “, a Herd of Elephants, with Rich Vegetation Life High Mountain Ranges and paintings or can Put Paintings that show Strength.

4) Do not put pictures of your late ancestors on any wall of the Puja Ghar.
The exact location of such photos is the ” South-West “ wall of the Dining Room.

5) Vastu does not allow the use of the ” North-East “ Corner of the house for hanging Paintings or anything else, so keep the ” North-East ” Direction Empty and Light.

Vastu Tips for Pillars and beam

1) Do not sleep under the BEAM as it is Harmful to Health.

2) One should avoid sitting under the BEAM because the negative energy emitted from the beam affects a person’s efficiency and leads to unsatisfactory performance.

3) When furnishing a home, the beam can be hidden within a Simulated Roof and the appearance of a flat surface can be Demonstrated.

4) Pillars or beams in the house must be in Even Numbers and not Odd Numbers

5) Never put Money, Money Box or Valuables under the BEAM because it reduces them.

Vastu Tips for Staircase

1) ” South ” and ” West “ Directions are best for Stairs.

2) All Stairs should be prepared in the Right Side Direction, or should be Constructed in such a way that the climbing person should move in the ” North ” to ” South ” Direction or ” East ” to ” West “ Direction.

3) The ‘Riser’ in the Stairs, i.e. the Topmost ladder should always be an odd number, but it should never end at zero.

4) A room with a STAIRS in the ” South-West “ corner of the basement is not Auspicious.

4) It is advisable to have a door at the Starting and End points of stairs.

5) Stairs should not be visible to visitors.

6) Bathroom, Kitchen or Puja Ghar should never be built under Staircase. This place can only be used as a Store House

Vastu Tips for Drainage System

1) Any kind of ‘Drainage’ in front of the Main Door causes Expenses
more than Income.

2) The ‘ Drainage ‘ from the Kitchen should be in the ” North ” or ” East “ Direction.

3) Avoid installing Drainage Pipes in the Southern part of the House, and if there is a pipe here, make sure that their path is in the ” East ” or ” North “ Direction.

4) The Main Sewage (Dirty Drain) can be in the ” North “, ” East ” or ” West “ Direction, but not in the ” South “ Direction.

Vastu Tips for Trees and Plants

1) Make sure to Plant Tulsi (Indian Tulsi) in your Home and make sure that it never Dries. It ensures Good Luck.

2) Fruit-Bearing Trees should be Planted in the ” East “ of the Garden.

3) Plant Tall Trees in the ” South-West “ Direction of your house. It is believed that they bring Stability and Progress.

4) Lata or any other plant that needs support should not be planted along the Main or Courtyard Wall of the House.

5) If there is a Religious Place in front of your house, then by leaving the main door of the house put a row of trees in front.

6) The number of trees planted in the house should be like 2, 6, 4 etc.

7) It is not good to have a withered tree or a Tree that Does not have a Leaf in front of the house.

8) Avoid planting Banana, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple and Lemon Trees in your Courtyard.

9) Coconut and Lemon Tree can be planted to the ” South ” or ” West “ of the Garden.

10) Castor oil plant, polygram, kachnar and Karanja plant lead to sorrows. Thorn and milk-producing plants creates a threat from enemies. Khirni plant causes loss of wealth and plum, pomegranate and indigo ( neel ) plant cause loss of prosperity and death of child.

Vastu Tips for Septic Tank

1) The best location for a Septic Tank is ” North “ ( towards Centre to North-West) or ” East “ ( from Centre to South-East ).

2) The Length of the septic tank should be Greater in the ‘ East-West ‘ axis than in the ‘ North-South ‘ axis.

3) The Height of the Septic Tank should be Equal to the Ground Level.

4) The Excretion chamber of the Septic Tank should be in the ” West “ and the flow of Water from ” East ” or ” North “ direction.

5) Septic tank should not touch the main Building or the Wall of the Courtyard and gap of one leg should be kept between the two.

6) Septic Tanks should never be in the ” North-East “, ” South-West “, ” South ” or ” Center “.

7) Disposal of Water from this should never be in the ” South “ direction

8) The septic tank in the ” South-West “ corner of the house can cause Huge Financial Losses and Unexpected Expenses for the owner.

Vastu Tips for Over Head water tank

1) Overhead Tanks must be in the ” West ” or ” South-West ” Direction.

2) An Overhead Tank in the corner of the ” South-East ” Direction is considered as Bad Indication, Resulting in Loss of Money and Accidents.

3) Underground Tanks should be in ” North “, ” East ” or ” North-East ” Direction

4) The Wall of the Under Ground Tank should never touch the wall of the Main Building / House

Vastu Tips for Under Ground Water

1) Well in ” North “ Direction brings Wealth and Prosperity; the Well in
the ” North-East “ Direction brings Wealth, Health and Prosperity.

2) Well in ” East “ direction can cause Problems for Children and being in the ” South-East “ Direction causes Problems Due to Fire.

3) Well being in the ” South “ Direction causes Fear of Enemies & being in the ” South-West “ Direction causes Conflict for Women

4) Well being in the ” West “ has a Bad effect on Women and being in the ” North-West “ leads to Poverty.